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Egbert's Adventures in Sicily

Alba, who is Annabel's eldest daughter (Albetta is her namesake), recently took one of our new range of hand-crocheted toys on a family holiday to Sicily. Meet Ebgert the Elephant and find out how he got on....

Hello. I'm Egbert, pleased to meet you.

ViewFromMonreale (1)


It's lucky I'm suited to the heat - it’s almost 40°C here! We spent five days walking around the city, exploring as many buildings as we could (the Cappella Palatina was a highlight, with its breathtaking gold mosaics), and eating lots of gelato!

Try and spot me in front of the Palazzo Castrone!

Feeling more at home in the Sicilian heat!

We’ve been walking non-stop the last five days, and I doubt there’s a part of Palermo we haven’t been to yet! We decided to go to Scopello for our beach day where we had a well deserved rest and plenty of gelato and time in the sun.

I think my sunglasses may be just a tad too big...

Chilling with Luca on the beach - the only thing missing is more gelato!

A quick cuddle from Mum on the beach.

We spent our last day in the city doing all the touristy things we’d avoided all week - we went on a city bus tour, travelled to Monreale on a tuktuk, and most importantly ate lots of pizza!

Being shown the stunning view from Monreale.

A city bus is really the only way to travel in style!

I'm not sure elephants can tan...

Tomorrow we’re off to the Madonia mountains where we’ll be staying for a few days, going via Segesta to have a look at a beautiful Ancient Greek theatre and then maybe stopping off at a beach if we’re lucky.

The Madonia Mountains

It was a two hour drive to the Madonia mountains until we arrived at the farm we were going to be staying at. The view from our room was amazing - the whole mountainside was covered in fields and fields of wheat, as well as orange and lemon trees and plenty of vineyards. At dinner I tried my first sip of Sicilian wine - made at the farm we we were staying at!

The view from my bedroom window!

We then decided to visit Erice for the day - a fantastic little town in the mountains with beautifully preserved castles and churches. Unfortunately while we were there the whole place was covered in fog! It very quickly got cold (something that was welcomed in the heat wave!) so we spent our time in pastry shops - I got very sticky eating a traditional Sicilian cannolo - as well as exploring the castles.

Luckily I'm full of soft stuffing to keep warm!

Dad secretly loves me...


We arrived at our hotel this morning and it is amazing! We were surrounded by orange and lemon trees covered in bright ripe fruit and there was even a donkey sitting very contently outside our window. After checking in we headed to the ‘old’ town - called Ortigia - where we wandered through the side streets and walked along the coast. Then we spent a day sailing around Siracusa, getting to explore all the sea caves and hidden little coves around us!

I wish I had a temple as impressive as this one built for Apollo.

Then we went to Mount Etna! At 11,000 feet it’s the tallest active volcano in Europe- yes, active! It erupts all the time, though the last major eruption was in 1669 so we felt safe enough to explore the craters and dig through the cooled lava to find interesting rocks. It reminded me of the moon! The dark soil was pockmarked with small craters and occasionally we would see bright streaks of yellow, red or white for the different salts and minerals present. It wasn’t as picturesque as the beach but I think it was the most striking view we’ve had all holiday!

No eruptions this time!

Posing for a photo at 8200ft!

Today we’re leaving Sicily for rainy cold Oxford. I’ll be sad to go - I’ve had an amazing holiday - but can’t wait to get home to a comfy bed and to escape the heat!

Then it’s only a couple more weeks until I’m off again to visit the factory where I was made in Vietnam!

Here's a few more photos:

Dad and Alba posing for a photo on one of our (many) icecream breaks!

Luca may have dug himself too deep this time!

Mum and Dad relaxing together on the beach.

And that's it! Goodbye for now!

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